Nikolaos Dimitriadis: “Lindstrom was one of our many inspirations for building Trizma Neuro in Belgrade.”

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He is an amazing speaker, frequently described as “charismatic energy ball” that brings any lecture to life. When you see Nikolaos Dimitriadis speaking at any event, you know you are going to have a great time learning. As an expert at Neuromarketing, Nikolaos is perhaps the best person to give a substantial opinion related to Martin Lindstrom’s work in the field, career, and the quality of the knowledge he has to offer…

#1 You are an expert in Neuroscience, and Martin Lindstrom was one of Neuroscience pioneers. Which discovery he made do you remember as the one that was the most interesting to you?

It is true that Martin Lindstrom’s work made consumer neuroscience, or Neuromarketing, more widely known to the whole world and he needs to be fully accredited for this! Regardless some occasional criticism, using neuroscience to decode shopping motivations and behaviors is here to stay, offering powerful insights that marketers can and shouldn’t ignore! The two main findings from Lindstrom’s work that come easily into mind are: first, studying the effects that negative messages on cigarettes packages have on smokers’ brains, and second, the study of how emotionally connected is the smartphone to its users’ brains. Both studies attracted a lot of attention, created strong debates and produced, for me, undeniably interesting insights about how marketing works in people’s brains! We are so very lucky to have created in Belgrade the best equipped and fastest growing NeuroMarketing and NeuroHR agency in the region, Trizma Neuro, which produces such tantalizing insights on a weekly basis! Lindstrom was one of our many inspirations for building this lab in Belgrade…

#2 Why do you think is the best value a delegate can get from listening to Martin’s lecture?

Lindstrom’s career is rich in marketing wisdom and practical insights. He isn’t a one-trick-pony, meaning that he has talked throughout his career about a large variety of topics crucial for marketers but also for the business community as a whole. From sensory marketing to neuromarketing, and from marketing ethics to small data, Lindstrom seems to always be ahead of the curve and offer a unique and valuable view of what companies should be doing to achieve their objectives. His speeches are highly recommended and never to be missed!

#3 Who can benefit the most from it? Students, agencies, corporate employees, freelancers?

He always talks in a language that is understandable by everyone interested in marketing and business in general. He is an inspirational thinker and speaker that can captivate a wide variety of audiences, from students to seasoned executives. As with all great business gurus, there is no segment that can’t benefit from his perspectives and recommendations. Each group though, will receive better and remember longer the issues closer to their own fears and aspirations.

#4 What do you think about young people from Serbia starting a project this ambitious? One of ARK team members is your former employee.

Serbia has no shortage of talent. Young people are dynamic, full of life and ideas, and given the right framework and guidance, can do miracles! ARK, and this event, are a testimony to that! Yes, one of ARK team members was a colleague of mine, Anica Miljkovic, and I can safely say that if all ARK team are like her, then ARK is destined to do amazing and groundbreaking things. Creativity, commitment and collaboration are three main characteristics for success in today’s complex environment and I believe ARK, like Anica, possess all three in high quantities. All the best with the Lindstrom event and with all your future endeavours!

Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis
CEO, Trizma Neuro
Regional Director for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, The University of Sheffield International Faculty


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